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Nanocyn® Disinfectant & Sanitiser is the original, patented biotech breakthrough by Microsafe Group.


For almost 20 years it has been a leader in its technology sector with approvals and independent testing. 


Nanocyn® is the world’s first shelf-stable product of its kind which is entered in the Australian TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) ARTG as a “Registered, Hospital Grade Disinfectant” and approved to kill both enveloped (COVID-19) and non-enveloped viruses within 30 seconds.


Nanocyn® Disinfectant & Sanitiser is approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) as an effective disinfectant for hard surfaces against germs, bacteria and COVID-19.


Nanocyn® eliminates viruses, mould and bacteria within 30 seconds of contact by disinfecting not only hard surfaces but also the entire airspace, making it the first choice for hospitals, healthcare providers as well as many other industries in over ten countries. 


Nanocyn® allows the fumigation of an entire room with people present, which results in enormous cost and time savings. Nanocyn® is superior to steam, UV-Light or toxic hydrogen peroxide solutions due to its non-toxic and non-corrosive properties. Nanocyn® is the benchmark for infection control.


Nanocyn® has been tested by some of the most reputable testing standard organizations in the world.

It is non-corrosive and in use in challenging aviation environments. Nanocyn® is a leader in all-natural disinfectants available worldwide with the same characteristics and amount of approval. 


Kills SARS-CoV-2 (COVID19) in 30 seconds

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